Nitescuba DK50 Military Titanium beta alloy dive Knife HRC50


A serious knife designed for divers who need a no-compromise blade that won’t rust. Our Northern Diver HRC50 Knife is classed as a “combat diver knife”. The blade is made from high quality 50HRC beta titanium alloy, so it’s an ideal dive knife for recreational scuba divers and professionals. With a full shank drop pointed tip blade, the knife is great for cutting, digging and prying. It also has a line cutter further down the blade which provides purchase enabling you to keep the line in place…

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Material: 50 HRC Beta Titanium alloy
Sheath: Self draining, squeeze & release locking nylon sheath
Blade: 100% no rust, Non magnetic, full shank drop point blade
Cutting: Serrated top edge, line cutter
Grip: Sure hand curved grip
Blade Length: 125mm (4.9 inch)
Overall Length: 260mm (10.25 inch)
Colour: Black
Includes: Neoprene leg harness


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