NiteScuba NSV10K dive video strobe light 10000lumen


The NSV10K, Is a high lumen underwater video&strobe light. We got so many clients to ask us to design a high lumen dive light with long burn time and higher CRI.So we designed this for the professional market.
The V10K has a max output of 10000lumen, a 68 minutes burn time. The whole body is a full aluminum with hard anodizing. In the front is a Glass dome with a 140-degree beam angle underwater. The V10K is Very easy operating.

Just Long hold the button over 2S to stitch on, Short press from 100%-75%-50%-Strobe function-Stand by, When we are in the Stand by mode, just leave it and wait for 30s, the light will shut off.
The unique part for this dive light is it has a high-speed sync strobe function. It is compatible with not only a compact camera, but also a DSLR. High speed sync shutter speed over 1/250s

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Item No.: NSV10K
Brightness: 10000lumen
Beam Angle:140° flood
Burn time: Approx.68minutes (100%mode)
CCT: 5600K
CRI : Ra 90
Mode: High mide low-Strobe mode-Off
Size: 233.1*112mm
Depth Rated: 100m/330ft
Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Oxidation: Hard anodic oxidation
Weight: 1285g(on land) 545g(Underwater)
Over Heat temperature protection



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