WEEFINE WFS02 GN24 Ring Strobe 5500K light


The Weefine WFS02 ring strobes are specifically designed for underwater use to provide the most colorful and natural wide angle lighting on the market. A professional grade round flash tube and powder coated reflector produce perfectly a soft, stunningly warm 5500K light.

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Full power guide number at 1m/IOS 100: 24

Color temperature: 5500K

Coverrage underwater: 90 degrees

LED lighting: 1 watt spot light and 1 watt red light

GN levels: / 1/1.4/2/2.8/4/5.6/8/11/16/22/24

Flashes per full charge : 1200 times at full power flashes

Recycle time: Approx. 1.5 seconds at full flash

Battery: 14.8V 50.32Wh Li-ion batteries pack

Waterproof: 100m

Size :(119 x119mm h= 135.5mm)

Weight with battery: 1050g on land, 240g underwater

Optical connection compatibility



WFS02 Ring Strobe
Carry case
Mains charger
Li-ion battery
1″ ball mount


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